Efficiency, Knowledge, Quality

The BATT-MEN GROUP srl was founded in October 2001 as a new company for the marketing of starter batteries, slight traction and traction for the entire national territory and abroad.

The new market reality is able to offer a wide and complete range of solutions for electrical applications. We present ourselves as a dynamic company, ready to satisfy all customer needs and able to provide, after careful analysis and evaluations, the best solutions.

Decades of experience in the industry and the technical training of our staff allows us to provide EXCELLENT customer service able to strengthen the working relationship and improve the operational capacity of the fleet for enhanced safety, control and reliability in performing the work.

The strong point is the full cooperation with the customer, flexibility, harmony and an after sale service that will always remain present in our corporate culture.

The company is built on a modern plant, designed and built for the storage, assembly and charging of the different battery types.

Established in the context of the capillarity of the Veneto companies offers to all customers fast deliveries or interventions as well as a complete understanding and adaptation of technological development.

BATT-MEN GROUP S.r.l. a socio unico

Via Martiri delle Foibe,11 - Località Campistorti - 36045 Lonigo ( Vicenza ) ITALIA

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